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Banking on YOURSELF:

One great way to maximize your cash value is to use the policy loan to loan money to your business. Then have your business pay you back with interest for the loan you made to your business. You then recapture your own interest and replenish your policy. And your business may be eligible to write off the interest payments, making you even more money. Talk about a win-win!

Purchase Large Ticket Items

Why pay all cash, or worse, finance through a bank, when purchasing large ticket items, such as vehicles or education? Instead, loan yourself the money. Then recapture the interest that you would have paid a banking institution or that you would have lost had you paid cash and not recouped your money. And the best part of personal financing is that you are the banker! You get to choose what interest rate you pay yourself back at, if you choose to pay yourself back at all. However, when utilizing the strategy of infinite banking it pays to pay your policy loan back with interest.

Step 5: Recapture Your Money with Interest

It takes a disciplined person to implement an infinite banking strategy, especially when it comes to recapturing your principle and interest on your loan. For those strong willed individuals that can do this part of the strategy the sky is truly the limit on how big your banking policy can get.

Think about it this way…

One primary way banks make money is via interest. You deposit your money with a bank and the bank pays you interest, currently somewhere around .003%. Yippee! The bank takes your money and loans it out for much higher interest. Even if the bank loaned your money for 3% the bank’s profits are 10 times greater than what the bank is paying you. Does a 1,000% return sound good to you?

Now instead of the bank making all the money, you as the borrower, the lender, and the bank, get to make all the money once reserved for banks utilizing the fractional reserve system. And guess what happens to your life insurance policy once you start recapturing principle and interest? Yep, it grows and grows!

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1-5 Infinitely

After you pay back your policy loan you don’t want your money to sit idle. Instead, you need to repeat steps 1-5 again and again and again. Each time you go through the steps to building your own bank you will have more and more capital to work with.

This is a far cry from parking your money in some government designed fund and putting your life on hold. That is why we consider the 401k plan a scam on certain levels. Rather, enrich your life in the here and now and start banking on yourself today